1989 bay Thoroughbred gelding - 16 hands

Monsieur Champlain x Miles of Sound

Lightning Sound...or as I call him "Studlee", is a 1989 bay Thoroughbred gelding standing 16 hands tall. By leading money-earning sire Monsieur Champlain, he was destined to head to the racetrack until I got a hold of him as a youngster and changed his life course!

Studlee and I - 1998 Findlay Firecracker show

Studlee's Show Record

1998 Reserve All-Around Adult
Adult English Pleasure - 1st
Open English Pleasure - 3rd
Equitation - 2nd
Showmanship - 1st
Trail - 3rd
CSHSA Open Hunt Seat Pleasure - 6th (only shown twice!)

1997 All-Around Champion Adult
Showmanship - 1st
Equitation - 1st
Trail - 1st
Adult English Pleasure - 1st
Open English Pleasure - 3rd
CSHSA Open Hunt Seat Pleasure - 4th

1996 Reserve All-Around Adult
Showmanship - 1st
Equitation - 1st
Open English Pleasure - 2nd
Trail - 2nd
CSHSA Open Hunt Seat Pleasure - 3rd

Open English Pleasure - 3rd (only class shown)
1995 Fall Round-Up Versatility Champion
CSHSA Open Hunt Seat Pleasure - 3rd

Studlee's destiny was to show and excel in hunter under saddle. I had hoped to make him a jumper, but he happily crashed through the poles without bothering to jump. I toyed with some dressage and even hauled him for some lessons with a dressage trainer, but he was happiest when I let him go his natural frame - long, level, and fluid.

He also excels in western showmanship...a favorite of his since it requires standing still! He would like it even more if only he were allowed to eat during the class. Studlee loved the show experience, and loved the attention of all those people watching him!

Studlee was selected to participate in the 1998 Equine Affaire Hunter Under Saddle Clinic, along with the Showmanship Clinic. This was a nice experience for both of us.

After several extremely successful years in the show arena, Studlee was sold in 1999 and continued his show life with a new career in dressage.

Lighting Sound

Lighting Sound
1989 b 16h
Monsieur Champlain
1980 b
13-6-7-0-0 (26) Career Earnings: $175,406
1970 b
1964 b
Sword Dancer
1956 ch 16h
Sunglow 1947 ch
Highland Fling 1950 br
1958 b
My Babu 1945 b
Blade Of Time 1938 br 17\'1h
1962 b
Dunce 1956 Tom Fool 1949 b
Ghanzi 1942 gr
1852 b
My Babu 1945 b
Rough Shod 1944 b
Good Business
Good And Plenty
1957 ch
Olympia 1946 b Heliopolis 1936 b
Miss Dolphin 1934 ch
Please Do
1946 br
Roman 1937 b
Rocky Margot 1934 ch
Tela Gal
Lodge Night
1944 dkb/br
Alibhai 1938 ch
Constant 1934 br
Mary Be Good
1950 ch
Nasrullah 1940 b
Marshfield 1936 ch
Miles Of Sound
Miles Tyson
1968 b
Miles Standish
1958 b
1946 b
Heliopolis 1936 b
Miss Dolphin 1934 ch
How 1948 br Princequillo 1940 b
The Squaw 1939 b
1958 dkb/br
1943 ch
Hyperion 1930 ch
Belleva 1933
1953 b
Royal Gem 1942 blk/br
Lady Heed 1939
Coral Sound
Hawaiin Sound
1975 b
1964 b
Utrillo 1958 ch
Ethane 1947 b
Sound Of Success
1969 ch
Successor 1964 b
Belle Musique 1963 b
1971 b
Prince John
1953 ch
Princequillo 1940 ch
Not Afraid 1948 br
1963 b
Turn-To 1951 b
Nut Brown Maid 1951 b
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Lighting Sound


Sword Dancer

My Babu

Tom Fool




Prince John