Noodle was born July 22,2016, and came home with me on October 3rd, 2016. Oh what fun it is to puppy proof the house after so many years of having "Mr. Perfect" Pretzel!

From the start, we called Noodle a "diva". She had her own opinions about things and freely expressed them. She won the heart of Pretzel instantly, and began bossing him around and demanding regular play/wrestle time. We often caught her looking in the mirrors in hotel rooms, gazing at her reflections. But what made her a diva also makes her a wonderful show dog - she just sparkles under all that attention!

"The word diva to me means doing something supernatural with something natural."

- Patti LuPone

Can you say "drive"? Noodle has it in spades! Whatever the task - agility, hunting, obedience, even conformation - she does it all at 110%. She lives life with intensity, and loves her people with the same intensity.

Noodle's Titles


Grand Champion
Top 5 NOHS 2019


Excellent Standard
Excellent Jumpers
Open Jumpers
Open Agility
Novice Jumpers
Novice Agility
Novice FAST


Master Hunter
Senior Hunter
Junior Hunter
Rally Novice
Shooting Dog
Novice Retrieving Dog

Other Titles

Trick Dog Performer
Trick Dog Advanced
Trick Dog Intermediate
Trick Dog Novice
Canine Good Citizen
Versatile Excellent 2

Noodle's Record:

Champion before her first birthday
CGC at age 1
TKN at age 1
TKI and TKA at 15 months
TKP at age 16 months
4-6 month puppy - shown twice with two Group 1 and a BEST PUPPY IN SHOW
Top 5 NOHS 2019 with limited showing
Statistics as of 1/11/18

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