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Welcome to my world - 2016! Come along on this crazy ride I call "life". Follow my horse and dog training and showing escapades, and my newly renovated life (because all lives need a little remodeling every now and then!).


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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Today the vet came out to do a pregnancy check on Corky since her progesterone levels had dropped so low. Well, finally we have good news! She most definitely is pregnant, the foal is alive and healthy and moving around! Hallelujah. The vet pulled her blood again to re-check her progesterone and to also check her estrogen levels to make sure she is where she needs to be at this point in her pregnancy. I was SO happy to hear the foal is good. Maybe now I will be brave enough to start thinking up baby names...

Friday, November 4, 2016

We've been blessed with several gorgeous 75+ degree days in November! I've really enjoyed the time outside with my grey kids. Noodle is doing great, but dang is she tough on the potty training! I can't seem to get her to understand that pottying is done outside. It is so frustrating! Even with me heavily monitoring her, she managed to have 5 accidents in the house today. She literally will pee standing up, by the time she squats she is already done peeing. SO hard to catch! Ugh.

Well, we have good and bad news with Corky's blood tests. Her progesterone is still extremely low at 1.9. However, her estrogen level is 1241, which is right where it needs to be at this stage of her pregnancy (it should be over 1000). So, we will keep her on reguMate until she is ready to give birth, and all *should* go well! But then again, we are talking about ME so nothing seems to go well with breeding horses.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Well, we've been practicing hard at our stacking...our first puppy match is on Saturday! I am pretty sure Noodle will be a happy, confident pup at the match. We have been to two puppy kindergarten classes and it seems nothing phases her at all. At home she confidently goes up the little mini teeter that we built for her. While I wouldn't call her fearless (like Pretzel was and is - fearless to the point of being careless!), she is very confident! of course the biggest question is will she stand still for the judge's exam and behave like she does at home? Probably not, but our main goal is for her to have fun! I want her to love showing as much as Pretzel and I do.

I might even try a practice obedience match with Pretzel this weekend. I am playing that by ear, because if he is scatterbrained when we are there, there is no point in embarrassing ourselves. Believe me, he has the power to truly embarrass me!

The biggest issue I am having with Noodle is her love for chewing rocks, concrete, and bricks. this has worn down her front puppy teeth to absolutely nothing. I am watching her constantly and making sure she doesn't do any more damage, but I am really scared that her adult teeth might be affected by this. It's the weirdest thing - she will get so into chewing on rocks that she isn't even interested in her treats. Trust me to have all weird animals!

Speaking of weird animals, Corky got her feet done yesterday. Yay! Let's keep her feeling sound and happy...3 more months to go! OMG did I really just type that? Only 3 more months??? Time to start picking out a baby name!!!

Friday, November 11, 2016

It's a terribly weird feeling - all of my animals are healthy right now! I took Noodle to visit my vet for the first time, she got her microchip inserted and a general health check. He didn't seem to be too worried about her teeth, so we will remain positive! Corky looks wonderful - really starting to show a pregnant belly! Her feet just got done this week and she is sound and happy. Tango is a rock as usual, and Pretzel looks fit, strong, and athletic (wish I could say the same for me haha!). Tomorrow Noodle gets to experience her first puppy match. I want her to LOVE this. I might even try Pretzel is an obedience practice match. We shall see...

I measured Noodle today. My unscientific measurement of her is 19 1/4". I am going to keep track of her growth, just for fun.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

AKC Puppy "B" Match - Medina, OH

Today we headed north to Medina, Ohio for a puppy "B" match. Hauling two dogs to a show, even just a practice show, is grueling! I can't wait for our new Ford Transit to come in so we can actually fit everything in the vehicle without making it like a tetris game.

I love how confident Noodle was walking in to the building with all those other dogs around. She was pretty excited, which I like! They had two matches, a morning and an afternoon one, and we entered both. Started off first thing in the morning, of course she was the only Weimaraner in her class...but she did fantastic! I could not believe how perfectly she held her stack for the inspection. All I had to do was wave the bait in front of her and give her a nibble every now and then, and she was rock solid...just like at home! It was really wonderful to see that she acted exactly the same at the show as she did at home.

We had to go back in to the puppy sporting group, and there were 7 dogs in the sporting group...and she WON it! The judge really raved about how beautiful she was. We went back in for best puppy in show, came really close to winning but lost to a lovely Portuguese Water Dog. The judge told me later that from the minute he saw Noodle he had picked her for his best in show puppy. Not sure what made him change his mind, but I was happy to hear she had caught his eye from the start.

The second match went very well also, we had to do a "run off" in the puppy sporting group with the Golden Retriever puppy, who eventually won the group, but this judge also told me how much she loved Noodle and had a hard time choosing.

Even Pretzel got in on the action. I rented the ring between matches to practice obedience. He was amazingly good! Granted, I had a pocket full of cheese and he knew it, but he actually heeled pretty well. I even did a little of-leash heeling. Keep in mind there was a dog working in the ring next to us, and dogs all over the place...yet he was completely focused on me. There is hope for us yet!

To top off the day, my friend brought her Weimaraner bitch for me to show in the adult match, and she ended up winning best in match wit me...a complete Weimaraner kind of day!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I worked with Noodle on my little puppy teeter today. She is so brave! Agility star in the making, I think!!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

What a gorgeous day! Today was the last day of "summer"...74 degrees! I spent as much of the day as possible outside with the 'kids'.

Noodle and I practiced our stacking, gaiting on a leash, and then we just ran around the property having fun. I wish it could stay like this all winter, but I am afraid reality will be setting in tomorrow.

This is a picture of Noodle just a little over one month apart. Can you believe how much she has grown???

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Today Noodle and I went to the dog show in Columbus to watch the Weimaraners show and walk around. Sitting there I realized that this was the first Columbus November show I've missed showing since I started when Pretzel was a puppy. Pretzel is enjoying his vacation, but I am ready to get him back into the swing of things.

Noodle LOVED the show! She loved meeting all sorts of people who wanted to pet her, she was interested in all of the other dogs, and had zero fear of anything. I love that!

Tuesday, November 23, 2016

My vet called with Noodle's titre results. Her distemper immunity is 1:256, and her parvo immunity is 1:1024. these are great numbers...whew! We will wait until she is at least 6 months old before giving her the rabies vaccination.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

UKC show and puppy match - Wapakoneta, OH

Today both dogs got in on the show action. I showed Pretzel in the UKC show, and showed Noodle in the non-licensed puppy match. There were two shows today. UKC is always a bit weird in judging. Pretzel won best of breed (against one other weim) at both shows, but no group placements. Noodle showed like a champion (at least in the first match she did), but got beat both times by some white fluffy dogs (lots of white fluffy dogs at UKC!).

Here is a video of Noodle in the first show:

Here is Noodle in the second match- the judge LOVED her, but as you can see she was not as well behaved! The puppy behind her barked at her right when we got started, and she was very offended by that and kept turning around to give him an evil look haha!

I measured Noodle this evening, she has grown in the past 2 weeks. She measured at 20 7/8".

On to December, 2016...