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Welcome to my world - 2016! Come along on this crazy ride I call "life". Follow my horse and dog training and showing escapades, and my newly renovated life (because all lives need a little remodeling every now and then!).


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Friday-Sunday, August 5-7, 2016

Conformation show - Marshall, Michigan

Marshall, Michigan was not very good for me when I went here last month, but here we are again trying to negate our bad luck. On the good side - we actually had Weimaraner competition this weekend and I won best of breed all three days. On the bad side - we didn't get a single group placement. ugh. You'll have those weekends, but it's still hard to deal with when you drive almost 5 hours to a show.

On the fun side - we decided to try our hand at barn Hunt, which had a trial going on at the same show site. we entered Barn Hunt Instinct on Saturday, which basically meant that Pretzel had to sniff three tubes - one that was empty, one that had rat litter, and one had a live rat - and he had to indicate to me which one had the live rat. He indicated (from what i could tell) and i called it out correctly, but we were disqualified because I did a lead-out at the beginning of the course like I do in agility, and that is against the rules. Oops! I decided to enter on Sunday and try again.

I actually read the rule book (I highly recommend you do that before trying any new sport haha!) and read Pretzel's signals correctly and we qualified! Pretty cool, I might try some more of these if I run into any trials at upcoming shows.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

AKC owner-handled rankings were updated through July 27th! Still solidly in first place for Weimaraners, and we are #16 all-breed, and #2 sporting dog. Woo-hoo!

Weimaraner Rankings

All-Breed Rankings

August 13-14, 2016

AKC Conformation Show - Oberlin, OH

Gotta love a dog show that is 10 miles from where I grew up, and where my parents still live. This means I get to sleep in a regular bed (no hotel or motor home) and get home-cooked meals. Woo-hoo!

Saturday started off a bit low. We showed in breed, got OH BOB and nothing else. I had the feeling the judge didn't even want to give me that!

I was determined to make the day better by wowing them in groups, but then THIS happened:

A huge storm rolled in, and blew the tends down. the rest of the show was cancelled, right before sporting group. Dang!

Sunday started off MUCH better. we started off the morning by WINNING best of breed. Boom! Then we went into the owner-handled sporting group, and Pretzel showed his heart out. We topped off the day by winning a Group ONE!

These big wins show up so surprisingly, always when i least expect it. I wonder why that is? the shows I expect to do well, I usually do very poorly. The shows where I have little to no expectations end up becoming big wins. weird how it works that way. Life keeps me on my toes, for sure!

We didn't get anything in OH best in show, and of course we got nothing in the regular sporting group, but all in all it ended up being a banner day for Pretzel and I!

Wednesday-Friday, August 17-19, 2016

AKC Conformation show - Muncie, Indiana

This weekend I am doing a cross-state extravaganza...showing in Muncie, Indiana Wednesday through Friday, then driving all the way across Ohio to St. Clairsville to do the show there on Saturday and Sunday. Luckily, Pretzel loves to travel and I don't mind driving (much). Just give me some good podcasts to listen to and I am good to go!

The Muncie show started off with a bang. Group one in the owner-handled sporting group! Unfortunately, Pretzel did not behave very well in best in show - he kept trying to turn around to look at the dog behind us and would not hold his stack. Oh well, you'll have that some days. He is SUCH a good, consistent dog that I often forget he is a dog and has his good and bad days just like me.

Thursday didn't go so well - got shut out of the owner handled group altogether. Friday went a lot better. We did very well in breed, and ended with a group three in the owner-handled sporting group. I collected my ribbon, changed clothes, and then hit the road to travel all the way across Ohio to St. Clairsville.

Saturday-Sunday, August 20-21, 2016

AKC Conformation show - St. Clairsville, OH

This show was small. I mean SMALL! As usual, I don't tend to do as well at the smaller shows for some reason. We were the only Weim that showed, and picked up an owner-handled group 3 and 4 for the weekend. on Sunday, we actually got a regular sporting group 4! Yes, it was a small show, but hey, we'll take it. Beggars can't be choosers haha!

Thusday-Monday, August 25-29, 2016

AKC conformation show - Owensboro, Kentucky

Owensboro is my favorite show! I have been looking forward to it all summer. Although I didn't do very well here last year. The show site is wonderful - right on the Ohio River. People are very friendly, the camping is right downtown about 2 blocks from the convention center where the show is held.

We started off the show with a complete and total BANG! We won best of breed, and went into the owner-handled sporting group and got a Group 1! Pretzel was on fire. It didn't stop there! We ended up taking owner-handled reserve Best in Show! I was so excited!!! Thrilled that it happened at my favorite show! No matter what happens the rest of the week, I can look back on this show with pride.

Friday went almost as well - with yet another owner-handled group one! Unfortunately, we didn't get much of a look in best in show (even though Pretzel showed awesome). It still was an exciting couple of days.

On Friday and Saturday night, there was live music on the river walk for us to enjoy. Pretzel was a great Weimaraner ambassador as lots of people came up to meet and greet him. It was a fun way to spend the evenings after the show was finished.

The next three days we won best of breed every day, plus ended up with three owner-handled group 4s. That gave us a total of 5 best of breeds, 5 owner-handled best of breeds, 2 owner-handled group ones, 3 owner-handled group fours, and an owner-handled reserve best in show. Amazing!

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