The 2015 edition of Jan Hare's life

Hop on 2015 and join me on the roller-coaster ride of training - training horses, training dogs, training humans, and attempting to establish order in my life.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

I braved yet another snow storm to go see Tango (and Alisa). 8 inches predicted...yay. It was a trip that was worth every mile...I saw Tango do multiple lead changes, both directions! Alisa is starting him by using an angled pole on the ground after the diagonal jumps, so if he lands on the wrong lead she can cue him to change over the pole. He is really getting the hang of it! I never thought he would be athletic enough, but he seems to have very little problem with them. A few of the lead changes were rather jump-y - he kind of leaped over the ground pole and changed in mid-air, but that's OK. he is going to need to grab a little air to change leads.

Once again I watched him eat up the jumps without the least issue - he never once acted like he wanted to stop or dive, he looked like he was not even considering any option other than going over the jumps....and he looks like he is enjoying it (which is paramount!!!).

It's still hard to see if he really has significant talent over fences...the jumps are a bit low and don't really require much effort on his part. I am hoping and praying that when we do raise the heights, he will rise to the challenge and give us some serious effort. Yeah, my boy is a tad lazy!

I got on and rode him around a bit after Alisa was done working him. Can you believe I have not ridden him since December? That just seems wrong! Wow, did he feel different. LOTS more forward motion, which I like. He seemed pretty hard in the mouth now, and that was weird for me because I was always so used to him giving really easily to the bit, even inverting too much at times. Yeah, I think our hunter under saddle days are probably over. I am OK with that, I guess. While HUS is always my primary love, I am really eager to try something new and dive into the jumping and do it right. So bring on the spring...I am ready to pursue some new horse dreams!

Monday, March 2, 2015

I finally got home while there was still daylight. Even 8 inches of snow can't stop Pretzel from having a little fun and agility practice!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Today was a much welcomed day OFF from school due to ice. Pretzel wanted some ME time, so I taught him to pick his toys up and put them away!

Thursday-Sunday, March 12-15, 2015

Louisville, KY AKC Agility Trial

I spent the past 4 days having a total blast at the AKC agility trial in Louisville, Kentucky. We had 4 runs a day...ended up with 3 Q's (two FAST Q's which completed our Novice FAST title) and a Jumpers Q. My success rate might not have been very high (Pretzel was pretty high-energy and VERY intent on sniffing the smells...darn hunting dogs!) but we had so much fun it was worth every moment.

We also managed to win Select dog in conformation on Thursday, along with Owner-Handler best of Breed. I only entered conformation on Thursday and Friday, I wish I had entered all 4 days.

Saturday-Sunday, March 21-22, 2015

Pretzel and I went to a CPE agility trial in Pataskala. I do LOVE CPE, the people are so nice and supportive! I had 8 runs, and ended up with 5 Q's and a LOT of progress. This is one of those weekends where I left feeling very positive and hopeful for our agility future. Hopefully we won't come crashing down at the next trial in a few weeks.

Monday, March 23, 2015

So....Alisa asked if tango was for sale because someone saw her ride him and asked about him. Hmmmm....decisions....

STILL no heat cycle for Corky. Bad girl!!! Time to have the vet out to check her just in case I might have missed it...

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I went to see Alisa and Tango today. Bad me...didn't get any video! Alisa gave me a short lesson on the flat, working Tango in his new "bigger" hunter gaits and keeping him balanced in the corners. It's pretty amazing how his "bad direction" canter feels - now that he is stronger and moving out with a big step, he feels awesome. What a difference!

Alisa worked him a bit over the jumps. She has started putting him over a low oxer, and has been doing some jumping gymnastic exercises with him. The best part was that I took a shot lesson from her over fences on oh man is he fun to jump. So easy! So willing, I love his attitude. I forgot how much I LOVE jumping and the hunter stuff. It's been SO long.

His lead changes are so-so. At times he gets them decently, and other times he does not (especially going from left to right - that direction is VERY sticky).

The jury is still out on whether Tango will be able to do the bigger heights. I guess we will wait and see...

Monday, March 30, 2015

I think think thinkmight be in heat!!! It's hard to tell since she really doesn't show it without Tango around, but all of the other signs were there.

I rode Corky tonight, she was FULL of energy. She actually bucked a tiny bit (and I do mean tiny). Looks like I will be calling my vet tomorow, i think she needs to be ultrasounded ASAP. Stay tuned!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Who said opposites don't attract? You can't see it in the photo, but Pretzel's tail is wagging like mad. I guess he doesn't remember that this cat was actually born on top of his dog house, and his momma scratched Pretzel in the nose when he tried to play with the kittens. Flotsam and jetsam all grown up (This is Jetsam, Flotsam was standing around the corner).

On to APRIL...