Welcome to Rabbit's world - 2014 edition!

Follow my journey through the twists and turns of 2014 - training my horses, training my dog, attempting new things, attempting to improve on some old things, and attempting to have bucketloads of FUN!

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

As you can see, Pretzel was determined to guard the door, just in case I might grab my overnight bags and leave without him. As IF LOL! This weekend we headed to Columbus to an AKC agility trial. I went there with a tiny goal in the way back recesses of my mind. I went to this trial with two Q's in Novice Preferred Standard and two Q's in Novice Preferred Jumpers....3 Q's equals a novice agility title. Well, wouldn't you know I managed to double Q today and earn BOTH my novice preferred agility titles? Wowowowow!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pretzel had a fun evening playing with bis bestie Brennen. We got up bright and early to head to the agility trial, day 2. Overall, I am really impressed with how well Pretzel is listening to me. This whole weekend showed vast improvements - he didn't zoom around ignoring me like he did a few months ago. He is getting much more focused. I love it! I feel successful (which is a feeling I have lately been lacking in my horse/dog training life). I am actually doing this!!!

We ended up today getting another Q in novice preferred standard. What a great feeling. So now, may I introduce....,/p>

Ch Poet N Arokats Pretzels For Breakfast CGC NAP NJP

Look at all those letters...wow...who woulda thunk it? So what's next? Well, it's too late to move up for the April 18 trial at Zanesville, but we will be doing the regular Novice B 24" classes starting the last weekend of April. I hope he is ready to tackle those additional 4 inches (he has been jumping Preferred, which is only 20" - 4" shorter than regular novice). We have been practicing in my backyard, so all we can do is try it and see.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Finally...warm weather! Ahhhhhh! Tango was tripping a bunch at the canter. Thank goodness he has a farrier appointment on Thursday. I kept the canter at a minimum. I don't feel like falling with my horse today.

Tango's canter transitions have been kind of poopy lately. I am not sure why - either he is out of shape or maybe he needs a chiro appointment again. The canter is still so very inconsistent with him. Some days it flows like butter, other days it is very choppy and stilted. I am a little at a loss as to why it is so inconsistent. I am going to try and get some video this weekend so I can analyze what is happening.

I was interviewed a few months ago for an article in the Way To Go - the NSBA magazine. You can read the entire article here (go to page 60). If you aren't familiar with my Congress/Corky story, head back in time to 2007 - it's a pretty fun story. Even some nasty comments by an internet harridan can't bring that memory down. I hope to some day bring Corky's baby to Congress and repeat our success...but one step at a time...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Today Pretzel and I did a CPE agility trial in Columbus. Out of 5 runs, we managed to get 3 Q's - he was very very good for me today. In CPE we are now in level 2 in every event other than Jumpers - we are level 3 in that one. Pretty cool!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I finally got some video of Tango so I could see how he was looking under saddle. Today was an average day for us - it definitely wasn't his best, most fluid day under saddle but he also didn't feel horrible...just average. I was pretty happy with the video. Trot looks great, but still room for improvement in the canter.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Look what came in the mail today? My big purchase at the last agility trial - a fun harness for Pretzel. It will be fun to go jogging with him wearing this.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Today Pretzel and I did an AKC agility trial in Zanesville. He was, shall we say, energetic??? In the first class (Time 2 Beat) he ran so wild that I pulled him off the 3rd obstacle and took him out of the ring. Second class was Jumpers, he was a little less wild but knocked 2 bars down. Last class was Standard, and he managed to get every single fault - a wrong course, table fault, refusal, missed the contact on the teeter, everything but a time fault. *sigh*. He was having SO much fun - you could tell he was running with pure joy. I am glad he is loving agility, even if he makes a thousand mistakes I do have fun seeing his joy.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

We finally got a chance to do a conformation show...first one since November! I was interested to see how Pretzel would do after doing 5 months of only agility. he did really good - he behaved wonderfully in the ring (as if he never left)...and we ended up Select dog (more grand champion points, yay!).

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I took Pretzel to a trial in Dayton at the Dayton Dog Training Club. It was a small trial, and pretty laid back for an AKC trial. I liked it! Tpday was our first day jumping the full 24" height in the regular Novice class. Pretzel was feeling a bit TOO good today. in our first class (JWW) he knocked down the first 5 jumps! He has never knocked down so many. I attribute this to him not only being too excited, but also too inexperienced at the higher jump height. He did a little better in the time 2 Beat class, knocked down a jump but also ran to the teeter, completed it, and then ran around and did it again just for kicks. Our last class was standard, and thankfully he did not knock any jumps down, but he ignored me and sailed over his down contact on the A-frame. We also had a couple run-outs, so no Q's yet again for us this time. I sense we are hitting a bit of a dry spell...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

This weather is such a drag! It's been cold and rainy for weeks. I really need to ride Tango outside - he is dropping his shoulder and getting very curled from riding indoors in the small arena for so many months. I am aiming for an open show on May 4, weather permitting. Not feeling overly positive about this one.

On to May, 2014...