April 25, 2013    Weakness

What do you consider to be your biggest weakness? When you have identified a weakness in your life you have uncovered a powerful path for self improvement.

Think about it. If you work on the things at which you are already skilled, you can make marginal improvements in your performance. Yet, when you put your efforts into overcoming your particular weakness the results can be dramatic.

Consider a salesperson who is knowledgeable about the products, very good with people, a great listener, excellent negotiator and skilled at closing the sale, but who has trouble managing time and is always late for appointments. That one weakness, poor time management, can severely restrict the effectiveness of all of his other strengths. Yet, if he works to improve his one weakness, time management skills, it can make a huge positive difference in his overall performance.

Can you identify a weakness in your life that is holding you back and preventing all of your strengths from showing through? The positive payoff from working to overcome that weakness can be worth many times the effort involved. You Deserve. - Les Brown

Identifying your own weaknesses takes a lot of soul-searching, and brutal honesty. I love that term: brutal honesty. Honesty can be brutal, that's for sure! You have to look at your weaknesses and identify why they exist...and the main reason that seems to come up is pure laziness. Yes, we are lazy, our weaknesses come forth because we find easy routes to do things, or choose not to travel a route at all. Solving weaknesses is mainly an exercise in forcing yourself to put your energy towards the things you find difficult or less enjoyable.

December 18, 2012    National Wear A Plunger On Your Head Day

Yes, it is the day you have all been waiting for - National Wear A Plunger On Your Head Day! Don't worry, Pretzel is wearing a new clean plunger! He isn't thrilled about the hole deal, but then that's his resigned expression (he is used to me doing weird things to him to make funny pictures).

Anyways, enjoy your day. Do something wacky, silly, and slightly shocking today...and laugh about it!

October 12, 2012    Peace Out, Man
"If you are depressed...you are living in the past. If you are anxious...you are living in the future. If you are at Peace...you are living in the present"

I see the validity in that statement...up to a point. You can be depressed about the future - looking ahead to something looming that is bleak and foreboding. We have all experienced that before, haven't we? Looking forward to a root canal - that can be very depressing. Of course, usually the source of the root canal lies in what happened in the past, so I guess there is an element to the past in all that we worry about.

Anxiety definitely exists in the future - worrying about what will happen, what might come, it's all a negative outlook of the future assuming that what is coming is bad.

The present day can only bring you peace IF your present day is peaceful to begin with. If I am having an agitated moment, believe me...I am living in it and it ain't peaceful!

Sometimes I think peace is overrated. Peace means you are existing without any real strong emotions or passions. Yes, it is comforting and easy to live with, but is it really what you strive for? I love my peaceful moments. They are soul-refilling and rejuvenating. But I LIVE for my exhilarating moments - the ones that take my breath away and bring me overflowing joy. Those moments are SO much better than peace!

September 14, 2012    Living Life to the Fullest

I heard someone talk the other morning about living life to the fullest, using all your talents and abilities to the max, getting involved with life. I sat there and thought...yep, that describes me to a T! I am a musician, so not only do I teach, write and arrange music, but I also drive 70 miles one way once a week to play in a jazz group. I am an artist. I paint for myself - for the joy of creating. I also paint as a side business to help with expenses, and I paint when the spirit moves me to give as gifts. I am an equestrian. I raise, train, and show horses at the highest level and I set massive goals for myself and work to become skilled and educated enough to reach them (occasionally!). I am a techie geek. I love technology, I love web design, and I love digital graphics and video. I have one more course to complete for my graduate certificate in technology. I spend hours editing and reworking videos and photos on my computer and trying out new things. I love tweaking my website and learning new codes. I am a people person. People fascinate me - their likes, dislikes, habits, thoughts, the way they think and interpret things. I spent a lot of time communicating with people, all sorts of people - via text, e-mail, phone, or even live. I spend a lot of time thinking about people, analyzing them, and acting as an amateur psychiatrist. I am a dog person. Only true dog people can be called "dog persons". I love my dog, spend every waking moment with him, spend a lot of time and effort in training (and learning how to train), and have recently gotten into the whole dog show scene. I am an athlete. Not in the sense where I compete in organized events with organized teams, but I love being physical and making myself stronger - exercise, riding, focusing on muscle development, and just trying to stay completely body-strong as I age. Being an athlete and an equestrian go hand-in-hand. It works for me!

You know, I look at this long list and think "Wow", I should feel completely fulfilled and satisfied. However, I am not. There are a few key ingredients missing in my life. It stinks to realize that although you can put 100% of yourself into everything, there are just some things that give zero return. It's hard to accept. I am not one for accepting less than 100%. I want it all, every little scrap and crumb. I want to be all, and be all for others. I don't know that this is possible, but I still want it and I will still work for it. Always working, never satisfied. Is that a good way to live life? I don't know...

July 3, 2012    Good Intentions

I get frustrated with my good intentions sometimes. Oh, don't get me wrong - it's not the actual intention that makes me mad, it is my total lack of follow-up I sometimes have. I have GREAT ideas, I plan them out in my little pea-brain, I organize the steps to do what I intended, and then I move on to another task and never get my intention done. If I only followed through on every great idea, I would be the nicest, kindest, greatest person to ever walk to earth! Instead, I am disorganized, slightly selfish, extremely distracted, and scattered. This is where I remind myself (yes, another lecture to myself, might as well click on out of here while you have the chance!) that ALL the good intentions in the world are meaningless unless acted upon. So get moving! Get it done! Ok...off to do at least one thing I intended tonight...

May 24, 2012    Oh, by the way...

Some people's lack of communication is driving me MAD! People don't have the guts to tell bad news or to admit to anything, so they blow sunshine around and then slip in the bad news a little bit later. of course, bad stuff almost always comes via text message or e-mail. Doesn't anyone have the guts to say things to peoples' faces anymore? We spend waaaay more time communicating with a flat screen than we do with live humans. It's a strange, strange world we live in now.

April 18, 2012    The Mechanics of Mechanical Stuff

Bye bye Ralph the purple truck once again! 4 weeks...4 repairs: New ball joints, stabilizer bars, and tie rods; new motor, new oxygen sensor, and now a new starter. My truck's surgery bills are starting to rival Taylor's from her OSU Vet Hospital visit in 2009. Hopefully this one has a better outcome...:-[ I wish I knew more about all this mechanical stuff. I am such an idiot. Mechanics can tell me anything, and I have to believe it. What power they have! In this case, knowledge is power, and I am weaker than a noodle. In my next life, I will attend vet school, become a dentist, and go to the vocational school for auto mechanics. Only in that way would I have control over most of the uncontrollable parts of my life!

April 17, 2012    Life's Little Smackdowns

Making plans and setting goals is a good way to shake up your life. I am convinced of this, because every time I get this surge of motivation and start setting goals and making plans, disaster strikes. It never fails! I am thinking the secret to life is to never make ANY plans or set goals, just flit along and float wherever life takes you, and the ride will be smooth. Sound plausible? I think so! Or maybe I should set some fake goals, like set a goal to become bankrupt in a year....and then the opposite will happen. Now there's an idea!

April 16, 2012    Want it, set it, achieve it.
"Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials."

Hmmm, there's a thought...elimination of non-essentials. This past weekend really woke me up to my own lack of drive and motivation. It seems I let 'real life' get in the way of my own goals and dreams. Yes, reality sucks. Bills, bills, more bills, working to pay the man, working some more, more bills. I envy my former self - the one that set massive goals in 2007 and achieved them, achieved high enough to end up 4th in the nation in my division of my sport. Then reality set in, the world conspired against me and I let the world win. How the heck did I lose myself in all of that? I let the world and the people around me beat me down and give up my dreams. I have no one to blame but myself, and it's time I turned things around and started going for the big goals again. In the end, no one on the outside is usually happy with what I am doing regardless of what I do, so maybe my first priority is to go for what is important to ME. In the end, aren't we all responsible for our own happiness? Happiness is derived from a feeling of self-worth and pride in ourselves. That's what has been lacking, and it's time to get back to it. Watch out....!

April 9, 2012    Flexeril is Your Friend!

I wish they made muscle relaxers for peoples' personalities. There are a few who desperately NEED it! Just sayin'.....

April 8, 2012    Happy Easter!

Happy Easter...happy spring....happy April!

April 5, 2012    Puppies!

Meet my new son, named "Pretzel"! OK, so I don't exactly know which one he is, but he is one of these adorable and gorgeous Weimaraner puppies, and he gets to come home with me forever at the end of May :-]

February 28, 2012    Was it Really Worth It?

I hope it was worth it. I wonder sometimes. Was losing your temper really worth it? What did it accomplish? Did it make things better? In the long run, was it worth it? Some things to ponder...

I never understand the people that spend their entire life working to squash others. It really makes no sense, because I just can't see how making someone else feel low can make another person feel high. Or am I just backwards in that I can't take any real joy or satisfaction in dragging another person down? The older I get, the more I want to remove the totally negative people from my life. They serve no purpose other than to hurt me and quite honestly I am getting to old for this.

On that note, I will smile tonight. I will be happy inside my head, because in the end no one can take away your inner strength and inner joy. It's all under your control. I will enjoy my sunshine of the mind.

February 15, 2012    Road Rage Lincoln returns!

He's back! Actually I don't think he ever left, it's just that I've had to leave earlier for work this year. However, on the mornings I am running a tad late, I see the Road Rage Man. He drives a 1996 Lincoln Continental with a custom license plate. He drives erratically, cutting off people right and left, causing near-misses and almost-accidents. When he cut me off last year and I blew my horn at him, he came unglued and almost came out of his window at me. I watched him today cut off someone in the left lane and made them almost rear-end him. He gets coffee every morning at McDonald's on Elida Road around 7:10am. I hope someone decides enough is enough and takes this dude OUT. He is rude, arrogant, and a menace. I am already grumpy in the morning (I know, you just can't imagine that!) and seeing him makes me see red.

Is that a safe enough complaint? Since there are rules and perimeters on complaining nowadays, I want to make sure I stay within my boundaries. Yes, I am trying to stay taupe. Huh? Well, it make sense to me!

January 8, 2012    Do Not Begrudge Happiness!
In a true partnership, both people try to give as much or even a little more than they get. "Deserves" is not the point. And "owes" is certainly not the point. The point is to make the other person as happy as we can, because their happiness adds to ours. The point is -- in the right hands, everything that you give, you get.

Why do some people wish others to be unhappy? Why do some people hate the happiness they see in others? I don't understand it. Is it a form of jealousy? Why wouldn't someone want the people closest to them to be happy? Why would someone else's happiness cause a burning desire to squelch that happiness? It's a petty, small person that can't be happy for someone else's happiness, especially someone they care about. That's not caring!

January 3, 2012    I Resolve to Make No More resolutions!

OK, so it is 3 days into 2012. I made some personal resolutions about things that I would change in order to make life better, I did them, and life got worse! Go figure! So I hereby resolve to make no more resolutions, no more promises, no more life-changing decisions to alter my attitude or behavior. I is what I is, take me or leave me! I try to improve, I succeed and I fail. I keep reverting back to the default me. Oh, no doubt the default me is different than the default me was back 20 or even 10 years ago. I suppose I am still evolving and growing, right? You can't rush it...can't take a cake out of the oven when it is half-baked. Be patient, accept me for who I am. Accept my pluses and accept my faults and accept the fact that although I am trying daily to change and improve, I am what I am!


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