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Scenes from around Lima, Ohio

OK, so it's not my dream city...not exactly where I planned to end up but here I am! Time to face facts and call it "my" city. So here are some scenes around town...I will be adding gradually to this page so stay tuned!

Good ol' Lima - in west-central Ohio. No hills, no pretty bodies of water, not even a big name sports team.

Scenes from the River Walk

Schoonover Lake - I bet it was pretty at one time. If you squint your eyes to blur the sight of the trash and the mess in the water, it still is kinda pretty.

Bridge over the Ottawa River. The river walk follows the river for the most part.

Tunnel under the railroad tracks behind the stone quarry. The water in the quarry always looks Caribbean blue. I wonder why? I'll have to get a picture of that on the next ride.

My favorite house on the river walk. Someone with a lot of guts (and an eye for the paint sales) painted this house!

There is a tunnel under every single city street (minus one). Makes it convenient to ride without worrying about car traffic. You just gotta worry about thug traffic that hangs out like trolls in the tunnels.

What would Lima be without the huge BP oil refinery? Um...pretty much nothing. It's kind of creepy riding the path that parallels the huge refinery. Generally there is a big flame coming from one smokestack or another, and there is a constant loud hissing noise. Yeah, not exactly peaceful...but the industry is very needed.

...more pics coming soon

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