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Friday, November 1, 2013

It was very cool to get my Weimaraner magazine and open it up to see Pretzel's name listed as a new AKC Champion! It's still fun to think about that accomplishment.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Yep, another dog show! This time we were in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is only about an hour and 15 minutes from me. It was nice not to have to drive hours and hours to get to the show. Pretzel showed pretty well, but we didn't get anything. The judge was an odd old guy - didn't give instructions but just clapped his hands loudly when he wanted us to gait around the ring, and then when we approached him on the down and back he shook a container of Tic-Tacs at the dog to get his attention. Pretzel kind of cocked his head and gave him a weird look. You never know quite what to expect with the judges.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Another day at Fort Wayne, another chance to be ignored by the judge. Pretzel showed even better today - he was gaiting really big and far out in front of me. I like that. It shows he is happy and eager to move. No intimidated dog here!

When we got home, we headed to the property. Pretzel transformed from show dog back to goofy dog! I love the expressions on his face when he runs!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I have been keeping up with my riding, though I haven't posted much - just riding Tango 1-2 times a week to keep him going. I have been trying to do more leg yielding (which he hates at the trot because it forces him to lift his shoulders), and also just trying to get him stronger at the canter. Today I had a chiropractor appointment for him. I haven't had a chiro out to see him before, and I was interested to see what sort of work he needed done after this year and a half of breaking and training. The chiropractor immediately saw that he walked lower in his left hip than his right hip. He worked on him for quite a while, and when he was done Tango appeared to walk more even. My instructions were to ride him tomorrow and really push him into the bit/bridle him up, give him Tuesday off, and then ride regular on Wednesday. So...we shall see!

Monday, November 11, 2013

I rode Tango today, and he was feeling really good! What really surprised me is the big difference in his canter to the left. He was much easier to ride, and kept his frame nice and level with very little reminding - it just seemed like he was more comfortable traveling this way than he had been in the past. Must be that chiro work that did the trick for him. I will be interested to see if this continues to hold true when I ride him on Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What??? It's is November 12 and it is SNOWING!!! I dread this winter, it is going to be a bad one, I fear. Pretzel did not enjoy going out in the cold, blowing show...what a reality check after such nice weather we have been having.

Saturday-Sunday, November 16-17, 2013

We spent the weekend at the dog show in Columbus. Actually I spent more of the weekend on the road driving to Columbus, back from Columbus to a football game 2+ hours away, back to Columbus for the second show day, and then 2 hours back home. All total I think I accrued about 9 hours driving. Crazy what we will do to show when the job interferes. My problem is that i want to do it all and always I do some crazy juggling to try to accomplish everything.

Well, it was another typical show - very large numbers in the Weims and of course we didn't get a look. Every picture I see of us showing just illustrates how much shorter he is than the other dogs. He showed OK on Saturday (was a little squirrelly on the stack) but showed excellent on Sunday. Oh well, as long as we are having fun...

Check out how all 4 feet are off the ground - he is a hovercraft!
Monday, November 18, 2013

Tango's canter to the left was actually better than his canter to the right today! At least it felt better...I am never totally sure about that because a lot of times when it feels good, it actually looks worse. Kind of strange that the best-moving, deepest canters always are the hardest to sit to and ride. How far we have come from actual "pleasurable" riding when showing!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pretzel and I had agility class tonight. Our agility classes have been hit-and miss as far as having successful goes. I have a harder time doing courses indoors where the space between obstacles is smaller and it seems I am always running into Pretzel (or vice versa). It's weird how occasionally Pretzel gets obsessed with another dog in the class (usually a new one he hasn't met before) and just will not stop whining and trying to go over and visit. It makes it hard to keep his focus.

I am really looking forward to our first CPE agility trial December 7-8. Unfortunately, if our football team makes it to the state championship I will lose all my entries and not be able to go to the trial. That will be so disappointing! It's always a risk to schedule things in November and December. My schedule can be so crazy during football season, I want to still have a life even though my work hours are crazy. Yep, I want to do it all, and somehow I usually make it work. But it can be stressful at times!!!

I am always looking for new things to work on with Pretzel to keep his brain occupied during the cold winter evenings. Today I bought a Nerf basketball hoop. I think I will teach him to play basketball this winter. Don't laugh...I think he can do it!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I have really been happy with Tango's canter transitions lately. Someone asked me how they were going, and I sat back and realized it's really been a non-issue the past few months, he just does them. At times he still has a lot of elevation into them, but I don't seem to have the problem I had all summer with lack of response when I cue him. Of course, the cold weather and lack of work makes him a lot more energetic and forward-moving. His trot is phenomenal, he really gets some nice suspension when he gets moving.

I feel like I need to start thinking about 2014 goals. For one thing, I need to get him to more shows. He definitely needs the experience, and I miss going to the horse shows every other weekend. I just need a longer summer - 2 months is not long enough for me! I guess I am at a loss as to what to do, what goals to set with him and what to aim for. Without a big goal in mind, I tend to flounder a bit. I need direction! I think aiming for Congress is a bit out of our reach, so I have to think smaller. The trouble with me is I wanna think BIG all the time. Paring down my goals to realistic ones is hard for me. My ambition is way bigger than my abilities (or finances!).

It's play time!!!

It's love time!

Taking a look from inside his stall...

Free-longeing (which is pretty much the only exercise that Corky is getting lately!)

They really are the best of friends...two silly boys!
Monday, November 25, 2013

Pretzel and I practiced our agility for the trial coming up in less than 2 weeks (I hope!!!). He was really focused today. I hope we can get our focus more consistent...

Practicing the weave poles

He thinks he can fly...and he can!
Friday, November 29, 2013

I took Pretzel to a UKC show in Wapakoneta today. I just need a group placement to finish his UKC championship, and that would be really cool! He showed really well for me, but we didn't place in group (we went to group because as usual for the UKC shows, there was no other Weim entered so we automatically got bets of breed). We will probably try again on Sunday.

I still am amazed at the big difference in the people at these shows. Some people were dressed nicely to show - in suits, jackets, or decent clothing. And then some had ratty jeans and sweatpants on to show. Who shows in torn up jeans...seriously? I mean, you don't really have to dress to the nines but at least have respect enough to put on clothing that is clean and intact. I just don't get it...

On to December!!!

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