1995 sorrel AQHA Appendix gelding

Scream is a 1995 sorrel Appendix gelding, standing 15'3" and growing. He got his sorrel color from his sire, and thoroughbred-looking body and movement from his dam! Scream was born in the spring of 1995. I did not own him at the time, but his breeder gave me a foal picture of him. I bought Scream as a weanling. He is a very smart horse...sometimes that's not always good! He did pick up on things quickly, and he really tried hard to please

Scream's early life

Scream as a newborn - 1995

SIRE: Crown Bar Percentage (AQHA)

DAM: Quiet Scream (TB)

Scream - 7 months old. These photos were taken the day I brought him home.

I showed Scream in the Northern Ohio Quarter Horse Futurity in yearling longe line. He behaved so well, was never bothered by the crowds or commotion. This was a prediction of things to come, as I found out later he is rarely bothered by the crazy show atmosphere. We showed longe line hunt-seat style, which was rare at the time among all the western longe-liners. With Scream's wonderful shoulder and stride, I knew he was destined to be a hunt seat horse.

Scream as a Yearling

Scream was a gawky, growthy yearling!

Scream preparing to be showing in the Northern Ohio Quarter Horse Futurity in longe line.

Scream and his buddy Studlee in 1996

Since he was so gawky and weak his two year old year, I broke him in the spring, then turned him out the rest of the year to grow and gain strength. He was one of the first horses I started and trained from weanling year all the way through his 5 year old year all by myself. He was very forgiving of my mistakes, and taught me how valuable (and fun) it is to train without pressure and worry of a timeframe.

This was a good decision. He was strong and mature enough his three year old year to handle the hard work of show training. I was on edge his first show in June, just waiting for problems! He was marvelous, acted like it was another day at home.

Scream's first show under saddle - June 6, 1998

Things really clicked by the end of summer. I had put him up for sale since money was really tight, but then took him off the market. I always have a hard time selling a horse!

Eventually Scream learned the finer points of riding, and became excellent at showmanship. His beautiful trot and slow-legged canter were wonderful to ride, and he has such a nice quiet disposition! What a nice change from the "hot" personalities!

Scream's show career with me

Dont Scream At Me

More details of our show career together...

1999 was a good year for Scream and I. This was Scream's first full year of showing. We showed in showmanship and all hunt seat classes.

Scream at the O.W.H.A. 1999 Fall Round-Up Show

For his first year of showing, Scream did an excellent job! we started off the year with a bang, hit a few bumpy spots in the show road, but ended on a very positive note! His successes earned him a first place high-point finish in Showmanship, Open English Pleasure, and Adult English Pleasure, along with second place year-end finishes in Open Equitation and Adult Equitation in O.W.H.A.. With these high placings, Scream earned the High-Point (all-around) Adult award for 1999. Scream is a living example to the fact that, with hard work and effort, anything is possible!

2000 was another good year for Scream and I. We achieved nearly all of our training goals this year. Scream finished in the top 5 in Showmanship, equitation, and English Pleasure once again, and (unofficial) won the reserve All-Around award again. In September, Scream was sold to a youth competitor in Kentucky to resume is show career with a new owner. Good luck to them both!

Scream, 5 years old Scream, 5 years old
Scream and Taylor, kicking up their heels Scream and Taylor

Our Year-End Placings in OWHA


  • Reserve Champion All-Around Adult
  • 1st place - Adult Showmanship
  • 1st place - Open English Pleasure
  • 1st Place - Adult English Pleasure
  • 2nd Place - Open Equitation
  • 2nd Place - Adult Equitation


  • Reserve Champion All-Around Adult
  • 1st Place - Adult English Pleasure
  • 1st Place - Open Equitation
  • 3rd place - Open English Pleasure
  • 3rd Place - Adult Showmanship
  • 5th Place - Open Halter Stallions and Geldings

Scream was sold in 2000 to a youth exhibitor who went on to show hunter under saddle very successfully for several years. He was then sold again and went to the east coast. Unfortunately, the new owners neglected to put his papers in their name, and I lost track of him. I would LOVE to find him some day!

Random Photos of Scream

Scream and his pal Taylor in 1999 playing in the front pasture

Check out Scream's pedigree