I showed Sandy Flash Bar from 1988-1990. Sandy was a 1973 sorrel quarter horse. He taught me how to show a horse. Sandy knew the ropes! He was mainly a halter horse, but I tried to do everything with him - English, western, showmanship, even jumping! He did it all...in a fair-to-middling sort of way.

Sandy and I where we loved to ride - out in the field

He was a great horse, and huge! He taught me how to mount without a mounting block. I got tired of walking him back to the barn to re-mount every time he bucked me off! It was tough climbing up on a 16'3"+ horse after getting dumped! Sandy went on to teach other novices the ropes. He rests now in the pasture he used to run in.

Funny video! - taken in 1989 at a local show. I watched a couple showmanship classes and thought to myself "That doesn't look to hard!". Without any instruction, I went in the class and attempted to do it. It was awful! After that, I decided to get some actual instruction on showmanship, and I got a lot better!

Sandy's Pedigree