"Get Motivated" as a newborn

It's A COLT!!!

'Get Motivated'

Born Feb. 10, 2000
Bay Appendix Colt
Shys First Leaguer (over 200 WP Points) x Victoria Harbour (TB)

Tory began labor around 4am (after waking me up in a dream...really!!!). Unfortunately, she had quite a struggle. This foal was very large (44" at the hip), and she had a very difficult delivery. Thank goodness both mom and baby are OK after their 2 hour ordeal. 'Moe' is a bay Appendix Quarter Horse colt with one white star (perfectly heart-shaped...could he have been thinking 'Valentine's Day'?), and one small white hind sock. His sire is Shys First Leaguer, a gorgeous 16'1" bay Quarter Horse stallion who was high-point western pleasure horse in the nation in 1997, and has over 200 WP and HUS points.

From the start, Moe has shown his independence! He struggled to stand within moments of clearing the birth canal. Poor Tory was not so lucky, as she needed some stitches (ouch!!!). Moe is a man who knows his own mind...within seconds after Tory was able to stand, he found the right spot and began nursing immediately.

"Get Motivated" as a newborn!

Feb.10, 2000

"Get Motivated" at one day old

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Moe at 3 weeks of age - March, 2000

Moe at 3 months of age

May 8, 2000

Moe at 5 months of age

July, 2000

In September, Moe was 6 months old and stood 14'2" - a real giant! He was sold to the Ryans of Kentucky to begin his show career with them. One week after leaving Ohio, he placed 4th in the Kentucky Futurity...pretty good for having never left the farm or experiencing anything like this before!

Moe as a Yearling

June 13, 2001

"Get Motivated" as a two year old

Moe was still a stallion as a two year old. He was pleasant to break out, and had the smoothest canter I have ever sat on! He was still owned by Linda Ryan of Bardstown Kentucky, and trained by Stacey Ryan.

Moe (17 months old) and Stacey Ryan

"Get Motivated" as a three year old

VIDEO of Moe's first show!

"Get Motivated" in 2009 - age 9

Moe was sold at Congress 2003. Over the years he was sold again and the papers were never transferred, so I lost track of him. I wondered what happened to him, worried about him, and hoped he was with someone that loved him!

In the fall of 2009, an e-mail was sent to me from my website from someone who ran across Moe at a lesson barn in Pennsylvania. It was wonderful hearing about him, and she snapped some photos for me so I could see what he looked like. Since her e-mail, he was sold again to a family that will love him and show him and give him a great home!

Moe's Pedigree