Allegro as a newborn!

It's a GIRL!
Born at 6:45pm on Tuesday, April 23, 2002
42" tall, bay with a star and 2 short white hind socks
Sire: Skys Blue Boy (AQHA)
Dam: Fruit Cocktail (TB)

Allegro waited until I left for a jazz rehearsal in Dayton to make her appearance! I received the phone call right when I reached rehearsal that I had a new little girl. Her name comes from the tempo marking of the first piece we rehearsed after I received the phone call! Allegro means 'Lively and quick'.

Allegro at 1 day old

Look at that face with the perfect white diamond in the center of her forehead! She is so evenly balanced with her white markings it's like a decorator created her!

Allegro - 5 weeks old

Allegro - 5 weeks old (June 12, 2002)

Allegro - 3 months old

Photos of Allegro and Fruit taken July, 2002

Allegro has shed out to be a very dark chocolate bay color.

Look at that trot!

Allegro at 5 1/2 months of age

Allegro and I - September, 2002

Fruit and Allegro at play in the indoor arena - October, 2002

Allegro - yearling year and beyond

Allegro as a yearling - June 1, 2003

Allegro at 3 years of age. Bill Smith bought Allegro from me as a late weanling, and raised her and trained her in Hunter Under Saddle.

Allegro's Pedigree