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2005 Show Season

Springfield, Ohio AQHA show April 16-17, 2005
Our first show of the season! The first show is always a bit rough for Taylor and I, getting into the swing of things. We started off really well, I placed second out of 16an amateur showmanship. Courtney placed 6h out of 22 or so in novice youth showmanship. I had a great first direction in the amateur HUS, then a runaway loose horse in the class riled her up and our second direction was very tense and arched. She didn't do anything bad, but just wasn't relaxed and pretty. We ended up 8th and 9th out of 13, but our ride was clean and that was my goal.

Winfield WV AQHA show May 14-15, 2005
I love showing in Winfield. It was a beautiful weekend, a spot of rain off an on on Saturday in between sunshine. This was a banner weekend for us because Courtney won her first AQHA class and earned her first AQHA point, winning the novice youth showmanship out of 7. I had some pretty nice rides in the senior and amateur HUS, placing just one place out of the points, which seems to be my usual spot! After this show we brought Taylor home for the season. It's great having her home.
Taylor and I in showmanship

Courtney and Taylor in showmanship, earning their very first AQHA point!

Edinburgh, IN AQHA show May 21-22, 2005
What a great show for us! One judge placed us in the points in every class, and the other gated us, go figure! Here are our placings:
  • Courtney - 1st out of 16 in novice youth showmanship
  • Courtney - 2nd out of 7 in Youth 13 & under showmanship
  • Jan - 2nd out of 12 Amateur Showmanship
  • Courtney - 1st out of 7 in novice youth HUS
  • Jan - 2nd out of 12 Amateur HUS
  • Jan - 2nd out of 7 in Senior HUS
Woo-hoo what a great time! This is a great place to show. The covered arena is HUGE! I think 9 of us were longeing our horses at the same time in the morning with room to spare. The judges really mixed up the gaits in the HUS - we reversed several times in the class, including a reverse at the an extended trot and a hand gallop! Fun! I love the shows that keep myself and Taylor on our toes. I don't even think Taylor realized she was showing, the gaits were so mixed up. I wish more judges did this.

Marion, OH O.W.H.A. show June 4-5, 2005
This was the first really hot weekend of the year...Saturday it reached the high 80's and Sunday it broke into the 90's. Gotta love it! Taylor was a gem all weekend, winning both Courtney and my showmanship classes on Saturday (both of us 2nd on Sunday, and winning my HUS on Sunday, 2nd on Saturday (Courtney placed 4th and 5th...took a wrong lead - oops!). It was a fun, low-key, relaxing weekend.

Here are Taylor and I braving the first 90 degree day in 2005!

Here are Taylor and Courtney

Troy, Ohio C.S.H.S.A. show June 19, 2005
We decided to really work Taylor today! Between Courtney and I, we entered three showmanship classes and four hunter under saddle classes. Taylor was as good as gold - gave us four AWESOME rides in a row! She got a well-deserved couple days off on turnout after that workout!

Next on the show agenda, the Tom Powers Futurity with Taylor and Corky! Read on....

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