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3 weeks old

Lazlo is starting to get darker under his baby fuzz!

He is still so friendly and curious about people

Lazlo was so friendly and fascinated by the camera, he kept putting his nose into the lens. That's why i don't have very many full-body shots of him this time! I can't wait until they are home...3 more days!

Taylor - she is still my first and foremost "child". We have been through so much together. It's hard to believe that 11 years ago I was watching her struggle to her feet as a newborn.


Lazlo - 3 weeks old!
YouTube video of Lazlo
MPG video of Lazlo
Long MPG video (you might want to right click/save as to your computer and then watch)

Lazlo - 4 weeks old, and ill with tetanus, thanks to an antibiotic treatment that was too weak and insufficient for this type of infection. Read the full story Here (scroll to March/April entries).

I hauled Lazlo to the Ohio State Veterinary Hospital on Saturday, April 18. I brought him home from Kentucky with an umbilical stump infection. The veterinarian in Kentucky gave me some paste antibiotic to give him every day for the next week or so, and told me he would be fine.

I hauled him home on Monday evening, and he was happy and full of energy the rest of the week. On Saturday afternoon he started laying down a lot and didn't want to get up. I called a somewhat local veterinarian out to check him, he came out around 9pm and ultrasounded his abdomen where the infection was. He recommended I haul him to OSU for further diagnosis. I packed up and left around 11pm that night with Taylor and Lazlo in the trailer.

Sunday morning the surgeons performed an extensive surgery, removing the infection and resectioning his bowel where the infection had spread. He came out of surgery pretty well, and I sat with him for hours on the floor of the recovery stall, propping him up on pillows so he could breathe easier. I left Ohio State around 8pm, planning to come back the next day after work. I received a phone call around 10:30pm telling me that Lazlo died. The tetanus infection had gotten into his bloodstream and there was nothing we could do. It took me 6 months before I could type this out. If I had known about this infection sooner, this could have been handled better and all would have turned out OK. Unfortunately, I was not notified of the problem until I picked Lazlo up, and by then things had already been progressing internally. I will not be so trusting in the future.

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