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June 25, 2005

The Non-Pro longe line class was held first thing in the morning. Corky was exhausted and did NOT want to canter for me! I let her lay down and sleep all day, then picked the shavings out of her braids and went to do the Open Hunter Longe Line class at the Tom Powers Triple Challenge Futurity.
First came the halter portion of the class. One by one we walked in and set up for the four judges to inspect conformation. After inspection we trotted away and to the left to show soundness.

After the halter portion, we walked to the rail and prepared for the longe part of the class. I used up half a can of fly spray just standing there. the temperature hovered near 100 degrees and the biting flies were out in full force! The waiting was the worst part of the class.
Finally it was our turn to warm up at the walk. I kept her calm, but wondered the big question - would she canter for me this time? I hoped she regained some of her energy. Then the announcer said it was our time, and the 90 seconds started...
I trotted her a few steps then asked her immediately to canter. YES! She went right into it, smoothly and with the correct lead! We cantered a circle and a half, then went down to a nice big trot.
Both directions went equally well, with a nice smooth reverse in between. What a success! I was so proud of my girl. She handled the crowds, golf carts and scooters, flags, and hundreds of strange horses with ease.
After waiting another long period of time, they announced the judges' placings. I had placed second, fifth, and fifth under three of the judges, earning me a fifth place overall. Not bad for her first trip away from home! It was a great moment for us, and for my tiny little breeding program! I am so glad I am able to keep her and make her into my next show horse. We are off to a great start!

VIDEOS of our Tom Powers longe line!

Conformation judging
Our Tom Powers Longe Line go

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