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It's the morning of October 19, day! Our practice time in the Celeste Center was midnight till 1am, and then Corky got braided around 3am, so we are both exhausted. When I wake her up to get ready, she gives me this look "you've GOT to be kidding!"
Warming up in the Celeste overhang is always an adventure. Corky has NO problem with the millions of golf carts whizzing by her. She takes the craziness of Congress in stride. She is so tired after only a day and a half of Congress, that I worry about our class. She does not want to canter on the line anymore, she is too tired!
Here we are, relaxed and waiting for our class. I am so excited, and just happy to be here!
Thank you to the Jennings' (owners of The Last Captive, the sire of Corky!) for lending me a nicer halter that fit her! She outgrew the halter we had for the Tom Powers back in June, and Cathy and Tim Jennings came to the rescue! What great people they are, I hope Corky does them (and her sire) proud.
Isn't she gorgeous?
Here is my right hand man, Kevin. Chief videographer and whip hander-er!
Standing around is not her strong point. Luckily, we go about halfway in the class, so we don't have to wait until the end. The horse before me just finished...time to start our warm-up circles.
I am planning out my strategy in my head. My goal is to get all 3 gaits both directions within the time limit. I hope she relaxes and looks pretty!
Time to start! She is very relaxed, and very tired. It takes a lot of urging to get her moving into the trot.
I really have to push her to canter, which hurts our score. I am just so glad I did get her into the canter, both directions! That was my main goal.
We finished! It wasn't perfect, but when she settled in and started moving, she looked gorgeous and relaxed. The compliments I received from people as we left the arena made my day...nice to know that I am not the only one who thinks she is drop-dead gorgeous!
At the end of my go, I had tears in my eyes. I just can't believe that we are here, that she is sound, and that we just completed a successful longe line class at Congress...against all the trainers and paid professionals! I remember just 6 weeks ago when I thought her career was over, and that she would never be sound again. This is a good example of how prayers get answered...prayers and a LOT of early morning leg-wrapping sessions!

Click HERE to see a video of our Congress longe line!

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