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Novice Amateur Showmanship

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Novice Amateur Showmanship Pattern (click here to see pattern!)

Watch the video of our pattern!

We started off the morning with Novice Amateur Showmanship. This is my last novice showmanship class EVER, since I have pointed out this I hoped to make it a good one!

In my mind I went through the pattern over and over again. I wasn't worried about the small elements - Taylor is very consistent with those. I concentrated mostly on making that hairpin turn around the cone at the trot, and getting her big body to turn sharply and end up in line with the judge. We have been practicing this for weeks and I was feeling pretty confident.

Starting our pattern - we trotted in a diagonal line to and around the cone....
We did it - ended up straight in line like we practiced! Next, we stopped halfway to the judge and performed a 360 degree pivot.
This is where our mistake happened. Taylor made the most elementary of mistakes - stepped out of her pivot. I don't think she has done this all year, probably has not done this in several years! She wasn't being bad or misbehaving, she just got a little off balance (the ground was pretty churned up from 7 spilts of exhibitors doing a 360 pivot in the same spot) and took about a 6 inch step with her pivot foot. It was just a mistake...we all make them (including our horses)
After the pivot, we walked straight to the judge and set up. Taylor was OK on the set up, moved a foot briefly at the beginning but put it right back. She was fascinated by the crowd of people watching her...normally showmanship doesn't attract quite that much attention at the shows! After the inspection, we did a 90 degree pivot...
...and backed up past the cone. Taylor's back was fairly straight. The back with her is always's usually straight but sometimes if she isn't concentrating on me, she will drift one direction or another. This time I kept her attention focused (as much as I could).

After the back, we trotted away and out of the arena.

One small mistake in a class of 200 means you don't get called back. Oh least Taylor behaved and did most of the pattern accurately! On to our next class...amateur showmanship....

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